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Skull Face Multifunctional Scarf

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The name says it all, this product really is a multifunctional wonder ideal for more protection of your nose and mouth. A tube of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, wear it as a neck gaiter, a seamless bandana or wrap it around your wrist and bring it with you wherever you go.
Not sold in stores
Processed and printed in USA
100 % polyester
One size fits most
Manufactured by Tans Club
If used as mouth and nose protection, hand-wash after each use
Breathable and wind resistant material
Please note that we have a limited stock of the colors purple, pink and sun yellow and we have no ETA for further stock arrival.

    Multifunctional Scarf | Tan’s Club
    normal fit
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    One Size 20.00 in 8.98 in