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God Ankle Socks

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Some people wear sock because they have to. But there are others out there that wear socks because they like to wear wild and crazy things. These socks are for you to buy.
These stretchy, comfortable Sublime ankle socks are a breathable summer choice that pairs well with sneakers. The patented Soft Touch thread gives them an extra-soft feel.
Not sold in stores
Processed and Printed in the USA
Manufactured by Sublime Product ID: SOCK45
80% spandex, 20% polyester
Fabric Weight: .09 oz (lightweight)
One size fits most:Mens Size: 6-12Ladies Size: 4-12Kids Size: 4 & Up
Cuff .75", Approx. Length 7.25" (Including Cuff), Approx. Width 3.25"
Ankle cut, no-show socks
Available sizes: One size