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Commitment - Caring - Buttons large 2.2'' (5-pack)

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Commitment - Caring

Commitment and Caring definetely 2 things that ANYONE in the

medical field must have if they are going to make it a career. You are

over-worked, under-payed, cussed at, slapped, and that is on a good day.

We wont talk about the normal days. I was a nurse for 25 years

and worked ER and Trauma I know what you all go through. Thanks

for taking over for me.

You make God proud. So wear a button with pride. you deserve to

be proud.

These fashionable 2.2'' Buttons come in a set of 5.
You can wear them on shirts, bags, caps, sneakers or
wherever you might want to.
Manufactured byTecre
100% Aluminum
  • Buttons large 2.2'' (5-pack)
normal fit
One Size 0.08 in