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Fruit Loop Mouse Pad

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Be A Fruit Loop In A World Of Cheerios Mouse Pad.

Be A  Fruit Loop In A World Of Cheerios

Be A Fruit Loop In The World Of Cheerios reminds us not to take life too seriously. I would rather be the Fruit Loop than always being the Cheerios. You have to be a Cheerio at work.

Have you ever used your mouse on top of your desk with no mouse pad? You know it's not much fun. It can be very frustrating when the pointer goes where ever it decides to go. Avoid the frustration in style with this office must-have. The Be A Fruit Loop  In A World Of Cheerios Mouse pad is functional and will also remind you to not take life to serious.
 So not only are you getting a functional product, you are helping to aid the American economy. 
Manufactured by Conde
This mouse pad is made of 95% neoprene / 5% rubber (base)
Measurement: 9.25” wide x 7.75” tall
Black, anti-slip rubber base
Thick and durable – won't tear or fray
Mouse pad Vertical
normal fit
One Size 9.25 in 7.76 in