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Black Caduceus Bandana

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Black Caduceus Bandana

Bandanas originated in western fashion where cowboys would tie them around their faces to prevent from breathing in the dust and debris kicked up by their horses. Bandanas are still worn by the cowboys, but now are also worn by bikers for similar reasons when riding.
Perfect for all ages and occasions, outdoor activity, party and so on.
Nowadays, bandanas are worn the world over as a fashion accessory. Tie one around your neck, tuck one in your back pocket, or give your dog or cat that extra bit of fashionable flare.
Not just a fashion accessory, these bandanas can be worn for your protection also. Dont want to wear a face mask? Then just tie one of these around your face and there you go.
Not sold in stores
Processed and printed in the USA
Manufactured by Big Accessories
100% cotton twill bandana
20” X 20” square

Available Sizes: One Size


  • normal fit
One Size 14.02 in 27.99 in