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12 Hour Adjustable Apron

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What A 12 Hour Shift Will Do To You
Now we all know that occasionally  you can have a nice
quiet (sorry for the bad word) shift, but what about the shifts that are
more common. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones
where you are drooling at the mouth and pulling out your hair by
the time you get to leave, and the ones that make you fall asleep as
soon as you get home. 
The last layer of defense against spillage of all sorts, this adjustable apron is a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one. With plenty of coverage and pockets for utensils, forget cooking classes... this apron is all you need to become a gourmet chef
Not sold in stores
Processed and printed in the USA
100% cotton | Fabric weight: 3.2oz (lightweight)
Over-the-head and around-the-waist adjustable drawstring
28” wide X 30” long with a split front pocket
Spot cleaning is recommended

Adjustable Apron | Spreadshirt 1186
normal fit
One Size 30.00 in 27.48 in