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Nurse Heart Featured Collection

Posted by Deedra Crabtree on

I have several designs in  my store that are made as a mosaic using medical symbols, such as an ambulance, blood bags, band-aids, wheelchairs, etc. Of these mosaic designs there are several different ones. Today I am talking about the Nurse Heart. 

Mosaic Heart made out of medical symbols, with the word Nurse written horizontally and vertically.

Nurse is a person trained to care for ill, disabled and dying people, promotion of health and the prevention of illness. 

This beautiful heart show's pride in being a nurse. Why shouldn't a person be proud of that. It is the hardest job that you will love.  

This design has been printed on several articles of clothing and also bags, cups, water bottles, etc. The following merchandise and more is in the Featured Collection at Fat Cat Nursing Things. Check it out and see if there is something there that you like.



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